Just wanted to say thanks again for including me, always a privilege to attend. You are such a wonderful host and your showcase always runs so smoothly. I can really appreciate how much time and care goes into putting these on and I’m sure the young actors do too. See you next time!!

Tyler - Allegory Creative Talent

Tiffany’s convention expertise and amazing ability to find new talent has Every agent and manager in L.A. looking forward to being a part of The Industry Network.                                Bonnie Ventis, Jody Alexander, Philip Marcus - Clear talent Group, Los Angeles

I just want to let you know that I really enjoy the Industry Network event. It truly is the best quality convention on the circuit. It seems as though you've got this thing down to a science. I don't know what goes on behind the scenes, but from my POV it is so well organized, streamlined, the' parents and performers are very well informed, the staff is incredibly happy/helpful/fun etc. You have turned what used to be a very stressful, anxious, exhausting event into a very pleasant experience that I look forward to attending.

 Tammy Jackson - Consortium


Thanks again for a truly wonderful event.  It was great seeing you, my colleagues and all the wonderful talent you search the country for.  You and your entire staff rock !  & Thanks for treating us all the way you do.  You are truly respected and appreciated by all of us.                       

Glenn Hughes – Gem Entertainment Group, Los Angeles

 I'm so excited about the launch of The Industry Network!  With Tiffany Rochel at the helm, I know that it will be successful, and will draw top-notch industry professionals and talent.

                                                   Katrina Herlong – Pure Talent Management, Los Angeles

 I am very excited, and look forward to IN!!!! I am confident that Tiffany will present the quality of talent industry professionals take pride in representing!             

                                    Nicole C – Central Artists Agency, Los Angeles

Congratulations on all your success- your hard work is clearly paying off. See you in the summer :)

Anna Lewkowska - Arc Artist Management

Given my history of working with Tiffany Rochel and the level of performers I have met and signed through her, I am anticipating The Industry Network to be the best place to find top talent from all over the country!!!!  Counting the days!  

   Karla Huff – Dream Talent Management, Los Angeles

 You brought professionalism and class that others only wish they had.  Honestly, it was a great event.  I'll let you know any success stories.  I've already met my first callback and hoping to sign him shortly!

 Nic – JLA Talent, Los Angeles

 I am super excited to attend the first event for "The Industry Network".  Tiffany Rochel has always found and recommended great new talent from all over the country!

  Robin Nassif - Head, Youth Theatrical, Media Artists Group, Los Angeles

 Tiffany and her Team always put together impressively organized and efficient conventions that showcase very versatile and well-prepared talent!

 Natasha Chalenko - Bratty Model / Brave Talent Agency, San Francisco

 I’ve known and worked with Tiffany for over 25 years. She has always delivered great talent to our company.

 Phillip Gums – JE Models and Talent, San Francisco

 Congratulations on The IN!  Given your innate love of talent and understanding of how the industry works, I wish you great success with Industry Network.

 Marilyn Atlas – Marilyn Atlas Management, Los Angeles

Thank you so much, Tiffany!!! Both Lisa and I thought your event was a class act and had a great relaxed atmosphere. I found some great talent there and of course my fav schools New Orleans and San Diego were there and I am meeting a bunch this week and next. Really great job and we will be back in January.

 Annett – Artistic Endeavors, Los Angeles

 .....Knowing that Tiffany Rochel is the principal of this company, one can feel secure in the knowledge that theses educational events will be highly selective, motivational, and comprehensive and always First Class.

Barry Godin – Chelsea Talent, New York City

Tiffany Rochel's keen eye for scouting the fashion and entertainment industry's most accredited and working stars is beyond reproach. We've endorsed her tireless efforts for over five years. During this period, not once has she disappointed in how she cares for her exclusive list of VIP's or the talent we've met through her introductions. Tiffany continues to play an intricate roll in how we network as a company, how we discover hidden talent, and how we empower those discoveries to reach their fullest potential on an international stage.

Guy Gilliand – G Management, Hollywood


It was a pleasure and thank you so much for having us at The INDUSTRY!!  We felt it was a nice tighter group of manager/agents that was much less overwhelming than other events. A lot of great talent and at a much higher scale!  Definitely looking forward to your summer event and talk to you soon! ;-)

Jonathan Nguyen - Aston Models, Agency Director

 Thank you AGAIN for having me - was a fantastic event and would love to return for the next one.  It was so smoothly run and managed, had a brilliant experience.

Micki Schneider - Nomad Management